Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get from the Camping to the sights of Budapest?

The M2 (red) metro line is very close to the campsite. Using that it takes 6-8 stops to get to the sights. This takes about 7-12 minutes. The metro runs every 2-3 minutes.

You can reach the metro easily from the campsite (15 minutes walking or 2 minutes by bus). The bus stop is located 200 meters away from the campsite (3 minutes walk). The bus runs approximately every 5 minutes.


Is it required to make a reservation in advance?

The area of the campsite is widespread, so reservations are only required between July 20th and August 20th.

Other times of the year you may arrive without reservation, we will definitely be able to give you a spot.


When do I need to pay?

Payment is required on departure.


Do I have to make a down payment or a deposit when booking? Is there a booking fee?

We do not ask for a down payment or deposit. There is no booking fee.


What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your reservation any time without any charges.


Do I need to already know on my arrival how many nights I want to spend in the Camping?

No, it is not necessary as the capsite has lots of space so we are very flexible.


Can I inquire about the free places by phone?

Yes, you are welcome to contact us by phone on the following number: + 36 30 29 691 29.


When are you open?

The campsite is open non-stop every day of the year.


What is the latest possible time when I can arrive?

Our staff is always there at the campsite, so you can arrive any time, even at night. If you arrive between 11 pm and 7 am, please choose a spot of your preference. Our night shift colleague will assist with that. Guests who arrive at night can register from 7 am.


What is the earliest possible time when I can arrive and enter the campsite?

There is no time limit, you may arrive and enter the campsite any time. Registration is possible between 7 am and 11 pm.


Is the Camping safe?

Yes, it is. We take great care that our guests' valuables are safe throughout the whole day. There should not be any problem about that. For your piece of mind, you can leave your valuables at the reception. This service is free of charge.


Budapest is a big city, I feel lost. Can I get help?

We will give you personalized help to visit Budapest. Maps, travel guides and other useful brochures are provided free of charge upon arrival. We will carefully listen to your needs and give advices on the most ideal programs for you.


How can I pay?

You can only pay with cash at our campsite.


Do you accept EUR?

Yes, you can pay in HUF and EUR at our campsite. We calculate a fair exchange rate.


Are the sanitary blocks heated in winter?

Yes, we heat the sanitary blocks when the weather is cold. The temperature in the sanitary blocks is pleasant even in winter.


How often are the sanitary blocks cleaned?

The sanitary blocks are cleaned constantly at all times of the day. We always provide our guests with clean and hygienic sanitary blocks.


What services does the accomodation fee include?

The accommodation fee includes the following services: parking fee, electricity of at least 16 Amps, use of modern and clean sanitary blocks, taxes, Budapest Information Package, Wi-Fi, discount in CEU canteen, outdoor fitness facilities, ping pong tables, washing machines and wood burning grill stove.

Free use of washing machines which is unique among the campsites!


Can I heat the caravan / camper / tent with electricity?

If you have other alternatives (e.g. gas heating), please do not heat with electricity. If you still want to use electricity for heating, we will charge extra for that.


What additional costs do I have to pay on top of the accomodation fee?

There are no additional costs.


How do I get to Formula 1, Hungaroring from the Camping?

The Camping is an ideal choice for F1 fans.

Our accommodation fee will not increase during F1 period. Please note that the campsite has its busiest period during this time of the year.

The train (HÉV) near the campsite will take you to Hungaroring in about 30 minutes.


Is the capacity of the sanitary blocks sufficient? I do not like queuing.

Yes, the capacity of our sanitary blocks is adapted to the size of the area. We have recently made large-scale investments to build new, modern sanitary blocks.


What sport facilities does the campsite offer?

The campsite has an outdoor fitness park and table tennis facilities, which are free to use. Modern, cool outdoor fitness equipment for own body weight exercises.

The campsite's suburban environment gives the opportunity of pleasant walks.

There is a riding school in the immediate vicinity of the campsite. It is required to make a reservation in advance:


In the reviews I read that the campsite is mostly criticized because of the railway near the campsite being noisy. How disturbing is that?

Our campsite is located in a quiet, suburban area of Budapest. The only disturbing condition could be the noise of the train passing by few times a day. It depends on the individual sensitivity of our guests how disturbing this may be. Some are not disturbed at all, they do not even notice it, others can be somewhat more disturbed. We have a superstition for trains in the Camping, let us introduce you to that. If a train passes by the campsite, close your eyes, make a wish and it will come true!


We are confident that we offer you the best prices.

If you arrive with a caravan, camper or tent and are given a better price offer at any other campsites in Budapest, please confirm this to us and we will provide you a lower price.


Is the Camping dog-friendly?

Yes, dogs and there owners are welcome throughout the whole year. The campsite is ideal for dog walking. We also have a Dogsitter & Dogwalker service available for a fee.

Please obey to the rules of responsible dog keeping when staying at the campsite.


Are there parties or a disco in the Camping?

The Camping is a quiet, peaceful place. Noisy activities are not allowed at the campsite. However, we can recommend very cool clubs, ruin pubs and discos in Budapest where you can relax.

We kindly ask our guests not to disturb others staying at the Campsite after 10 pm with noisy activities or loud music.


Is it possible to cycle in Budapest?

Yes, of course it is possible to cycle in Budapest. However, please note that the bicycle road network in Budapest is not extensive and traffic is very busy.


How many Amps are provided?

The campsite's electrical network is new and strong. We provide each guest with a minimum of 16 Amps of electricity. The campsite has the following types of sockets:


At what time do I required to check out?

Check out is at 3 pm. So far our Camping is the only campsite in Hungary where this late check out option is provided free of charge. Don't be in a hurry! Wake up late, have lunch, enjoy our hospitality as long as possible.


Can I park my car next to the tent? I do not want to carry all my camping equipment from far.

Yes, it is possible to park your car right next to the tent. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority.


Can I grill / barbecue at the campsite?

Yes, you are free to use your own grill / barbecue equipment at the campsite. Enjoy your meal!


What are the options for shopping near the campsite?

The campsite has an excellent infrastructure. A restaurant, a canteen, supermarkets (ALDI, SPAR), bakery, fruit and vegetable shop, shopping mall, drugstore, post office and pharmacy are all a few minutes' walk away.


How can I get back to the campsite by public transport at night?

The metro runs until 11:30 pm. After that, you can use the night bus service. Buses number 908 and 931 will take you to the Camping throughout the whole night. You can get on them at all major junctions.


Visiting the Parliament?

If you would like to visit the Parliament, you need to purchase your ticket in advance:

We highly recommend this program as our Parliament is one of the most beautiful parliaments in the world.


Where can I buy tobacco products?

Buying tobacco products in Hungary is only possible at the National Tobacco Shops. The address of the nearest National Tobacco Shop is: 1106 (District 10) Budapest, Kerepesi út 73.


Where can I buy Hungarian artisan food near the Camping?

The Sashalmi Market is located 1.5 km from the Campsite. This is one of the best markets in Budapest. There is also an eco-market from Wednesday to Saturday. You will find the largest selection on Fridays and Saturdays. The market is closed on Monday. If you are looking for Hungarian quality honey, homemade milk, mangalica sausage, mangalica bacon, goose liver paste, rosehip jam or chimney cake, then you should definitely visit the market. The Sashalmi Market is not for tourists, it is an authentic, high-quality Hungarian market, where you will find the finest Hungarian handmade food. Address: 1163 Budapest (Sashalom), Sashalmi tér 1.


Where can I buy camping equipment?


Where can I change / refill the camping gas cylinder?


I am not satisfied, I have a problem. Where can I find help?

Please get in touch with our staff at the reception. We will do our best to solve your problem / complaint. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.


I am satisfied with the Camping. How can I share my positive experience?

We work very hard to make you satisfied. If you have any problems, please let us know at the reception and we will try our best to solve your problem.

If you are satisfied with the Camping and our services, it would be a great pleasure for us if you could rate our work and share your positive experiences with other tourists. You can do this via the following platforms: Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook, ACSI, Campercontact, park4night, ADAC, etc.


Are you a professional photographer? Have you taken beautiful photos or videos of the campsite?

If you allow us to use your photos, we will surprise you with a gift.

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